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Monday, December 19, 2005
Presents wrapped. Check. Shortbread. Check

What else is left? Well I could mail the frigging Christmas Cards, I guess. Of course that would require that I write the token Christmas Letter. I've resigned myself to the fact that they will be more like new years cards. I'm okay with that. Really. I even bought stamps and that is usually my one incompleted task. Gah.
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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Why don't you go to aich ee double hockey sticks?
One of my coworkers told me to go to hell the other day and I was shocked. This woman doesn't even say "darn" when she's frustrated and she jokingly told me to go to hell. Her 10year old daughter immediately chastised her for this uncalled for act - funny stuff I tell you. Now I just tell her (not the daughter) to go to hell on a regular basis. Some days I love my job.

Haha... well I guess this weeks' busy schedule has caught up with me... I'm ever so tired, but wound up - lots of stuff do do, you know? Such as xmas cards, wrapping presents etc.

Oh and tomorrow is the official Shortbread day.Yum... nothing like mixing together some butter, icing sugar and flour then baking it and yes - devouring it. Maybe I'll get crazy and add some sprinkles to the tops.

On that domestic note, I don't understand how some girls/women are completely lacking in domestic skills. I mean I guess its all in how you are raised and I understand that but really everyone needs some sort of self preservationist skills so one can feed and clean oneself. Or maybe that is what a spouse is for, but I doubt it. I often wonder what unskilled people eat... I guess it's just some ichiban noodles, pasta from a jar etc. That must get old after a while, hey?

I was just remembering another incident demonstrating my stellar listening skills. A lady at work said to me
"Can you pull a void cheque?". What - out of my ass? What the hell are you talking about?. This clearly isn't a bank, it's a gym. So I asked her to repeat herself. Same thing with the void cheque. WTF... I am at a loss. Completely flustered. How do I help this woman with her void cheque issues? Gah. Someone save me. Please. Jennifer jumps to my rescue and hands her a gym membership card for this woman's boyfriend whose last name is "WOYCHUCK".
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Sometimes Christmas Parties Suck. Or not.

Either your "date" is unenthusiastic, refuses to drink (for a legit reason) or drinks way too much (why not?) and starts talking about eating pussy (gah! too far). Some people are lame and go home way too early (the bailer), others show up so late you assume they're not coming (the almost bailer) and well others are okay. If its an annual affair, I say don't expect anything different from the year before, just go with the flow and don't get too crazy.

Then there is the life-sucking text messages from the wusband inquiring about whether you're dating someone or not. For gods sake, move on already.

Nothing too funny today other than a typo of mine. I'm a bit of a spelling/grammer nazi and pride myself on picking up on others' mistakes. My favorite of late is a "Merry Christmas" greeting that somehow got shortened down to "Merry Christ". Hah, talk about politically correct. Okay back to my typo. Should have read "Please answer the phone"... ended up "Please
anwer the phone". This resulted in too many giggles and requests for someone to "anwer the phone"... or "can you anwer this question for me?".

On another disgusting note, I started and completed all of my Christmas Shopping on the same day in about 2.5 hours. How. Very. Cool. Of course none of it is wrapped and its all still sitting in bags on the floor in my bedroom, but who cares ~ I'm NOT going to the mall tomorrow. Whoopee?

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
LOST. Totally Lost.
I love LOST. I missed it last season, I watched the first episode on reruns last summer and well... I've spent most of the last week watching it on DVD. I've got one DVD to go, and then what? I can't jump into this season halfway through, that just wouldn't work. Hell. Maybe someone out there has taped all this season's episodes?
I really enjoyed tonights' finale of the Amazing Race Family Edition. Thank god the Weavers lost. Seriously - thank god.

So I think that denial over Christmas shopping is coming to an end. Tomorrow I will embark on the first dreaded trip to the mall... I might even get a little crazy and make a list first, but I don't want to get too out of control. Sammy is going to come and offer moral support, now that he's gotten over the trauma of his bath.

Deep dark secrets. Man... are there ever a lot of abused, unhappy, sad about their choices and just well awful feeling women out there. It really makes one think about the choices they've made and realize that maybe their situation isn't as bad as it seems sometimes.

I for one am very thankful that I have made the recent decisions that I have. They haven't been easy and well, they sure aren't easy to live with sometimes even now that they're made. My aunt said something really cool to me on the weekend about my strength and hope for the future. She said that I know just what I want out of life and well... that is exactly what I'm going to end up with. She might not have any idea what the hell she is talking about or might have been blowing smoke up my ass but whatever... pretty cool shit if you ask me.

Oh... and I DO NOT reccomend the movie SYRIANA ... it may have had a lot to do with the amount of Rum I had consumed but WOW... I really had no idea what was going on. At all. Too many story lines, too many interconnecting twists to count. And I was SO looking forward to it. Ah well...

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Friday, December 09, 2005
The Potluck Poacher

Every year during the holiday season, we host a potluck luncheon for about 200 seniors and older adults. It is festive, we have entertainment, singing and a feast of various potluck items.

Now... about those potluck items... in my younger years I was a fearless "potluck goer". Over time and through much experience, my point of view and potluck techniques have been honed. Generally if I could identify the food item, casserole or goodie ~ it was good to go. I trusted my judgement. It only took one catastrophic Nanaimo Bar Incident to change all of that.

My coworker was the recipient of a tray of Nanaimo Bars as a "bribe". Now those who know me are aware that they shouldn't get between me and a chocolate item. I was raised in a house where my mum made the most drool-o-rific Nanaimo Bars ever to be eaten. My coworker offered to share a tasty little Nanaimo Bar with me. At that very moment, she received a call from the Briber. She'd just been contacted by her husband and alerted that the Bars were "bad" and that the coconut or graham cracker crumbs she'd used for the base were stale. Come on! Its a Nanaimo Bar. How bad could it possibly be?

OH.MY.GOD. Seriously. I have never tasted anything so foul in my entire life. My eyes were watering. We both made a dash for the garbage can at the same moment, spit the putrid piece of satan's bar of barfiness into the garbage and proceeded to jump up and down waving our hands, trying to figure out how we could get that awful taste out of our mouths.

Ever since that moment, I have been a little "leery" shall we say about food items made by someone other than my immediate family. I can't even look at some of this stuff that is being passed off as "Chili" and who the hell eats canned/pressed meat? Gah.

Okay, back to today's event. We have a regular attendee of this annual affair. Her reputation preceeds her. She comes armed with a huge purse and takes potluck food off of the table during the meal. Today we had her pegged from the moment she walked in the door with a ginormous purse and a "back up" fabric bag slung over her shoulder. She was in all her glory in a sparkly fuschia top and black/gold sparkly cardigan and sporting an unnecessary comb-over hair style.

We tried to shanghai her bags to no avail. She proceeded down the buffet line eating as she went. She "tried" food items off of other peoples' plates during the meal.

Now before someone gets all pissed off at me and suggests that maybe she can't afford her own food and we should let her help herself to a little food if it helps her out, let me state this: she doesn't stop at just a bun or two. It is out of control.

At one point during todays meal, someone came forward because they found AN ENTIRE BAKED HAM STASHED UNDER THE TABLE. Was this ham destined for the "backup" bag? Who knows, but it looks like we foiled her ham-napping plans this year. Whoo!
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
I'm off to do my duty.

Towards the end of one of my fitness classes this morning, one of the ladies approached me and stated that she was "off to do her duty". She then left the class and never came back. I wonder to myself if she was making a vague reference to going to the bathroom or if she had some sort of important mission to complete which I was not privy to. Regardless I wished her luck.

Communication. As a manager, I wonder if one can ever be 100% effective in communication. There are so many ways to communicate these days; in person, via phone, cell phone, texting, email etc. I also wonder why if someone screws up, thier boss' communication style/effectiveness is instantly called into question.

No worries, for once its not my communication skills that are being called into question. I just find it frustrating that employees are not held accountable for their actions or lack thereof. If they don't show up for work, its obviously because they didn't know and their boss is an idiot. Maybe the didn't check their email or voicemail for the past ten days... how is that anyones fault but their own.

Sometimes its like beating your head against the wall. I'm sorry but I don't have time to phone,email, leave a note for and then phone again to tell someone to do their job. I'm no ones' mom (yet) so it pisses me off that I keep getting told that I shouldn't rely on email or voicemail so much and that I should strive for better in-person conversations or telephone calls. Bah. Check your mailbox once in a while, I say.
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Monday, December 05, 2005
Way. Too. Busy.
You know when you're REALLY busy with work, it's not too bad because there's a light at the end of the tunnel... you don't resent the extra time too much but you're just dog tired each night? That's me.

Christmas party this weekend for our staff and volunteers - as usual I'm part of the "sucker team" helping to organize it... I'm especially looking forward to four hours of ass busting and no rest for the wicked. Pass me a beer after that one, please. I can't wait till its over because every festive event from then on is totally just for the fun of it and I can just show up and enjoy.

I'm especially looking forward to the party where maybe some drinking games are planned as well as some enjoyment of "drinking chocolate". What's the deal with that? However its Chocolate and there is drinking, it can't be bad, can it? Last year someone made a "kitty litter" cake for the party and it was the grossest thing I've ever seen. Blech.

Oh, and I'm in denial about Christmas Shopping. Total. Denial. I've thought about a few presents but that's it...

Oh and the guy walking his dog while he was driving his Honda Element? I saw him AGAIN yesterday - hee hee.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005
That puts the "dick" in ridiculous...
I could say that I've seen it all but clearly I haven't. We BC'ers are notoriously wimpish when it comes to the falling of that white stuff known as snow. Today took the cake. I saw an old man (I use that term loosely) driving his Honda Element slowly around the perimeter of the parking lot of the local park. Out the window hung his gloved hand holding the leash for his Golden Retriever. Seriously. I just about drove off the road I laughed so hard. I wish I had a video camera. Hee.
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